May 2016

“All for the greater Glory of God” “There will be sound physical health, only when there is sound Spiritual Health.” (Fr. Joseph Vaz) We six sisters, Sr. Kavita Noronha, Sr.Savita Parke, Sr. Sajan Gaikwad, Sr. Rita D’Souza, Sr. Sunita Shah and Sr. Suvarna Luigi had an enriching experience of Prayer and Contemplation, as we attended the Retreat from 29th March to 30th April at Pedro Arrupe Institute Raia, Goa, on

Media Smart Club has been a yearly feature for a few years now at Mazzarello Youth Centre. But this year it was held ‘with a difference’. Paying heed to the words of our beloved Holy Father and the suggestions of our General Chapter, we decided to move out into the ‘peripheries’.   Along with the elite students who registered their names for the Media Smart Club, Sr. Hilda, Sr. Melissa,