AMAR NEWS # 85 Faith Fest in Goa!

The hills and the eco-friendly ambient of Mornese Vihar, Sulcorna gladly welcomed the 38 youngsters of Goa for the Faith Fest 2019 on 14th September 2019. Celebrate Christ was the key of 2 days. The youngsters gathered for the prayer moment, which was followed by a walk to the Mount of Our Lady. Prayers and petitions were part of the Holy Rosary.  Fr. Bernardino da Almeida, the Rector of Don Bosco, Sulcorna was more than happy to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and explain to them the pasts of the Holy Mass.  The youngsters were later prepared to receive the sacrament of Confession(which is one of the important aspects of the Faith Fest) The Salesian Frs administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation and helped the youth to taste the boundless mercy of God our Father.

After a few games, all retired to rest only to rise the next day with much enthusiasm. Day 2 began with the Word of God (Lectio Divina) which helped them to deepen the Word of God.  The youngsters were interested to actively take part in the session-the cup session, which depicted the seasons in their life. To add to their joy the praise and worship was conducted by youth for youth.  The hours were just passing and it was time to make a commitment as CHRISTOS. Sr. Natal Rodrigues, the animator of the community, along with the other Sisters blessed them and urged them to be authentic Christians filled with faith in Jesus.

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