AMAR NEWS # 85 FMA PCI 2019 Annual Meet at Shillong!

AMAR NEWS # 85 FMA PCI 2019 Annual Meet at Shillong!

The FMA PCI 2019 Annual Meet was held from August 20 -22, 2019 at the FMA Outreach, Lurshai, Lumshyiap, Shillong with the theme: “Do whatever He tells you.” Jn 2:5 “Communities that generate life in the heart of Contemporaneity”

Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, General Visiting Councillor presided over this august gathering. Sr. Amalanathan Mary Margaret, the President of the PCI along with twenty-nine participants hailing from seven Provinces participated in it. Sr. Teresa Joseph, General Coordinator of the  FMA Centenary Team was also present who shared with us the modality and process of preparation for the centenary celebration of FMA Presence in India. 

Sr. Lucy Rose, our Visiting Councillor, gave us sound reflections on the theme of GC XXIV, specifying that our coming together as FMA India was very significant as we are journeying towards the General Chapter and all of our Provinces in India are living a time of immediate preparations for the celebration of our Provincial Chapter. 

The inaugural ceremony captured us as the novices of the INS province decked with colourful array of costumes represented the different tribes of the North East States as they danced rhythmically to highlight the importance of one life, one hope, and one mission.

The dignitaries and the participants were welcomed with a Tripuri shawl, a bouquet of flowers and PCI Kit. The divine presence of God was invoked by the lighting of the traditional lamp and a devotional prayer dance presented by ‘FMA Out of School Children’ of Bellefonte Community College. Sr. Elizabeth George, the Provincial of the host province officially welcomed the participants and the Novices displayed the Chapter theme through an action song in Italian. 

The National Coordinators on the first day presented the National Reports of their various sectors. It was wonderful to know that so much is being accomplished in the sectors. FMA India is truly marching forward. PCI 2019 was focussed on our journey towards GC 24. We shared the journey being made in our Provinces, in deepening the theme and felt enriched by the ideas, initiatives, and strategies of each province.  The PCI also discussed the impact of the National Education Policy, the Theme and objectives of the Preparation for the Celebration of the Centenary of the FMA presence in India and came up with some proposals and the future thrust for our PCI journey.

For the goodnight moments, Provinces presented inspiring and significant events or activities carried out in their respective Provinces. The harmonious blend of music and melodious voices of the Sisters helped us cherish all the Divine moments of prayer. Sr. Thomas Ritha Dora, the Vice President of PCI proposed the vote of thanks. She expressed thanks to Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, General Visiting Councillor for her loving presence with us. She also thanked the host Province and all the Sisters for their loving hospitality and care rendered to us.  Sr. Lucy Rose, in her concluding speech emphasized that amidst multiple tasks, we need to prioritize what is important and carry them out. Alluding to a song in the “The Sound of Music”, she exhorted us to find our dream not alone but together with our community and our young people. She added that with Mary at our side we can be assured of living and working for God and His Kingdom.  The participants of PCI 2019, say thanks in one chorus to Sr. Elizabeth George, to all the Sisters of the INS Province and in particular to the Community of the FMA Outreach Centre, Lurshai, Lumshyiap, Shillong for the excellent arrangements made to host this meet.  

Long live FMA India as we journey with Mary, our Guide, and  Mother through the Course of the Century (1922-2022) and beyond….

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  1. Long live FMA INDIA. God bless all the sisters working so zealously for the good and upliftment of the poor and needy young people and women.


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