About FMA

Our Mission

Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, popularly known as Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, founded by Don Bosco in 1872 as a living monument of his gratitude to Mary, the Mother of God whom we honour as our mother, teacher and guide… We belong to a vast movement known as Salesian Family.

Our Institute is the fruit of a love that was born of the great heart of Don Bosco and of the simple and creative fidelity of Mary Mazzarello.

The Salesian sisters continue to keep alive the flame of this love lit in every continent. They share Christ’s mission in the Church especially through Christian education in the style of the Preventive system – a system of loving kindness, drawn from the heart of Christ Himself.

The FMA Mumbai Province reaches out to thousands of boys and girls, children and women in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Goa.

Our educative and promotive mission invites children young girls and women to lead lives of dignity and honor through various humanitarian services, such as:

  1. Schools – formal and informal
  2. Kindergartens
  3. Boardings
  4. Family Apostolate
  5. Centres for the advancement of women
  6. Literacy courses
  7. Shelters for young girls at risk
  8. Student hostels
  9. Youth ministry
  10. Summer camps and programs
  11. Parish ministry and catechesis
  12. Promotional centers

Today the Salesian Sisters serve the young in 134 countries

  • 3150 schools
  • 1890 Orphanages, street children & other such programs
  • 650 professional, Industrial Trades & agricultural schools
  • 860 Nursery and Day Care Centers

And the story goes on…